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InterNational Association of Home Inspectors

What is InterNACHI and why should you care?

InterNACHI is an acromym for the InterNational Association of of Home Inspectors and is a professional orginization for both home owners and resdiential home inspection professionals. Please notice below the basic mission statement as found on the InterNACHI website.

InterNACHI's mission is to continue its leadership role as the world's largest trade organization of certified property inspectors.


InterNACHI is dedicated to:

  • providing members of our organization with a Home Inspector Certificate Program that combines the basic foundation of traditional education in a distance-learning format to enable them to meet their academic and professional goals;

  • maintaining institutional and programmatic accreditation;

  • offering educational opportunities to members of our organization who have a desire to learn and invest personal effort in succeeding;

  • helping students develop skills to think critically, quantify information, conduct analyses, and communicate effectively; and

  • continuing to improve our education system based upon feedback provided by our membership.


Provide degree and certificate programs and accredited Continuing Education to members.

  • Objective: Develop courses that combine a basic foundation of traditional education in a distance-learning format to enable members to meet their academic and professional goals.

  • Objective: Continuously build and maintain degree and certificate programs for members.

  • Objective: Obtain institutional and programmatic approval and accreditation from governmental and non-governmental regulating agencies.


Increase and strengthen the number of successful home inspection businesses in the world.

  • Objective: Offer memberships to individuals around the world.

  • Objective: Provide valuable membership benefits.

  • Objective: Develop effective business and marketing products and services for members. 

  • Objective: Continue to build and enhance our education system and student services.   

InterNACHI members follow a comprehensive Standards of Practice and are bound by a strict Code of Ethics. The membership takes part in the regular exchange of professional experiences and ideas to support each other. InterNACHI maintains an industry blog, Inspection Forum, and local Chapters in support of this exchange of information. InterNACHI provides its members with other means of direct and membership-wide communication to further their understanding of their particular roles in the inspection industry and how best to serve their clients. The benefits of this cross-communication enhance the members’ ability to build their businesses and develop specialized ancillary services.

In fulfilling this fundamental objective of training and mentoring its inspector-members, InterNACHI’s broader mission is to educate homeowners by helping them understand the functions, materials, systems and components of their properties. InterNACHI inspectors are committed to providing consistent, accessible and trusted information to their clients about their properties' condition.

At Cozy Home Inspections we adhere closely to the InterNACHI standards of practice except for areas where we exceed those requirements.

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